Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process of optimizing over 100 different factors that determine how search engines display results of a web search. SEO is a constantly evolving science that requires constant attention and adaptation using both the traditional and newest factors such as video, blogs and website socialization. Using the data gathered during our keyword research we will create an SEO strategy designed to get your website and social/review sites ranking when potential contacts search on topics that are likely to match your target market.

Local SEO

Google and other search engines have changed the way consumers look for local goods and services. Here are a few interesting statistics:

Businesses that sell their products and services to a local market need to have a presence in the marketing channels that consumers are using and search engines are a dominant source of local business information.

Google Carousel display

The introduction of the Google Carrousel search result display for restaurants and other travel/service industries has created the need to focus on improving the SEO metrics that Google uses to determine position. As with other organic rank results, the companies that occupy the earlier positions on these results get a large % of the organic traffic.

Local Business Listings

There are thousands of local business directories that allow businesses to create and maintain profiles that include your business name, phone number, address and other information. It’s important to have accurate and consistent information in the major directories.

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