StrongBuilt Plumbing, Air, & Solar


StrongBuilt approached us after they had grown their business to over $5M in annual revenue and marketing needs and complexity had outgrown their one-man marketing department. Plus, they were expanding into a second market. Our job was to take their ad hoc “set it and forget it” marketing campaigns and turn them into well-managed systems, an expanded set of advertising platforms, seasonally adjusted budgets, consistent branding throughout every channel, comprehensive reporting, and turn their digital channels into the majority source of their incoming leads.


  • Organic Visibility (SEO)
  • Google Search Ads Management
  • Bing Ad Management
  • Display Ad Design and Management
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • YouTube Ad Management
  • Google Local Services Ads Management
  • HomeAdvisor Pro Management
  • NextDoor Local Deal Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Technical Services As Needed


  • Organic (SEO) visibility increased by 31% year over year
  • Total website traffic increased by 46% year over year
  • 68% increase in phone call leads
  • An additional $2.2M in gross revenue in the first year alone

Chart of SEO data

The Stats

  • Increased calls/leads by
    • Total calls (google ads + website) for 2021 by location:
      • Az 521
      • Nm 503
    • Total calls (google ads + website) for 2022 by location:
      • AZ 942
      • NM 801
  • Increased online visibility by
    • Jan 1-Sept 30 2022 users to site- 51,232
    • Jan 1- Sept 30 2021 users to site- 35,194
    • 45.57% increase in users
    • Organic Visibility 2021- 424,371
    • Organic visibility 2022- 556,023
    • 31% increase in imps
  • Staff size increase
  • Increased revenue in first year

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