One of the fastest and most effective ways to get qualified prospects to your web site is PPC (pay per click). But unless your campaign in closely monitored and managed, you will likely be wasting a huge percentage of your online marketing budget.

The WebMO team will setup and manage a Google Adwords campaign that will generate cost effective leads based on your business goals and marketing budget. We’re experts at managing PPC campaigns and will make sure you’re getting the highest possible return on investment for your marketing dollars.

We’re an approved Google Partner and manage all aspects of your Adwords campaign including the following:

Landing page creation – Once we have collected baseline data on your current visitor engagement, we use your existing site design, and work with you to create an industry best practices landing page designed to increase conversion rate and provide valuable tracking data. These pages are designed to match search terms more closely to create an increased sense of “right fit”.

Keyword Validation – A common mistake many business make when using Adwords is wasting money on keywords that don’t convert to leads. Through our proprietary testing process, we discover your highest value keywords and optimize your campaign based on this data.

Google Adwords Specialist – Your campaign is created, monitored and managed by a Google Adwords professional.

Collection and reporting of data – the discoveries we make when managing an Adwords campaign can be helpful in determining SEO focus. For example, we may learn that a specific search term has a very high conversion rate.

Search Ads

The Google Search Network allows advertisers to bid on specific keywords (the phrases that users type when they do a search) and display small ads that usually show up above or to the right of the search results. When managed properly, it can be a very effective way to quickly bring new customers to your business.

Display Ads

The Google Display Network is designed to create awareness of your business at the times when customers are most likely to have an interest in your product and services. There are over 2 million websites that participate in this system and the result of these campaigns is typically tens of thousands of targeted ad impressions for an extremely low cost per click (not per impression). Here are two technologies available within the platform:


Remarketing (also known as retargeting) uses a browser cookie to track when visitors have visited your website and displays relevant ads on other websites they may visit. This is a highly effective way to maintain your brand awareness while potential customers are researching their options.

In-market Targeting

Another technology that is highly effective is Google’s ‘in-market’ targeting. Most people realize that Google monitors their search behavior as they’re browsing the Internet. It uses this information to make statistically valid predictions about user behavior and allows you to target users that are close to a buying decision for certain products and services. This is the perfect time to target a user with your brand.

Landing Page Optimization

To fully leverage the power of a PPC campaign, it is almost always more effective to send visitors to a specific page that targets the user’s motivations, this is referred to as a landing page. The process of landing page optimization involves creating specific website pages that ‘speak’ to the intent of the searcher, rather than being more generic. Years of research has been done in this area and a set of best practices has resulted. When combined with A/B split testing, we can often times double, triple (or even more) the number of conversions a campaign generates.

If you’re looking for a Google Partner in Tucson and want to learn more about pay per click advertising contact us today. As a partner, we’re held to Google polices that other PPC management companies may not adhere to.