Display adverting in the context of the Internet, is a form of advertising that typically contains text and graphics in the form of a banner advertisement displayed on web pages, video overlays or within mobile apps. It is an effective way to build brand and attract consumers to your business at the point in time when they are most receptive to your offer. There are multiple ways to target these ads:

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising uses the content of a web page to target appropriate advertisements to users. The system scans the text of the page and compares it to selected keywords that the advertiser wishes to target. This form of targeting can be a very effective way to build brand awareness when you know the sort of content that a prospective customer is likely to read.

Behavioral targeting

Behavioral targeting uses a person’s web browsing patterns to make a prediction about their potential buying behavior. By tracking search queries, sites visited, the amount of time spent on a page and other factors, a profile can be created and compared to other people with similar behavior. This allows displaying advertising to people that have a higher likelihood of being in the market for your goods and services.


Also know as retargeting, this targeting method uses browser cookies to track users that have recently visited your website and display relevant ads on other websites that the user may later visit. Consumers use the Internet for researching their options and this provides an effective way to maintain brand awareness as they’re in the decision making process.

Why is brand important?

Why do large companies spend millions of dollars creating brand awareness for their goods and services? Today’s consumer is bombarded with information about products and services and brand acts as a shortcut to product or service quality and trust. When given several choices, consumers tend to gravitate to what they know. The customer may not need your product or service right now, but investing in your brand lets you win the decision when the time comes for them to make a choice.

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